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Cow barn paint.jpeg

Painted Mini

We had the chance to take some family photos who happened to raise Mini Hereford Cows! This lovely lady was a perfect model on a rainy fall day.

small moose.jpg

Rocky Mountain Native

My cousin spotted this guy not far off the road near Boulder, Colorado. She had a telephoto lens and was able to get a fairly clear shot of him. Adam worked a little magic and I couldn’t love the results more! A beautiful representation of fall in the Rockies.

Photo Sep 22, 20 13 21.jpg

Grandma Lucy

The original of this photo was very old and faded. I took a photo of the original with my phone. Textured watercolors give this remastered image a modern feel. Grandma Lucy was known for her hard work on the farm and in her home; Its fun to get a glimpse of her carefree and happy.